Fuel Draining Reading

We got a call last week from a customer that his classic VW camper van was stranded in Reading. The family was enjoying their holidays in a remote area and so it took us to reach there a little more than 45 minutes.

Wrong Fuel Drainer Reading has earned a name for providing service that suits everyone down to the ground. We are reputed for our excellent and quick fuel drainage work. Our experts also address damages caused by loading of wrong fuel. We arrived on the scene to flush out offending wrong fuel – in this incident, it was diesel. They filled their car tank half an hour before and at a local fuel court. They suspected something had gone wrong only after they failed to restart the car. They tried to identify the problem but their effort bred no positive result.

He sounded worried and panicky on phone. We assured him of quick and safe service. After reaching the location, our engineers got to work immediately. At first, they removed fuel mix from car tank before flushing out remaining of contaminated fuel through the carburetor. Then they attempted a restart and the car responded to their effort. There was no jarring sound or heavy emission of black smoke, implying that problems had been solved. It took us just one hour to be done with fix-up. And the smile that came back on their face weighed its weight in gold.

We not only solve problems but also suggest our customers how to minimize wrong-fuelling damages. We told them about a fuel additive that would facilitate the process of eliminating contaminated fuel from car tank, considering the condition of aging camper. And as usual, we advised them never to drive car or start engine if they ever realize that they have loaded diesel oil in petrol car or just the opposite. There is always a chance to avoid big issues and costly repairing if wrong fuel is siphoned off quickly and completely.

The obvious attention and care with which we serve our clients have made us a leading entity in this fiercely competitive industry.

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