Wrong Fuel Drainer Daventry

Filled up your car with wrong fuel? Don’t know how to sort out the problem? Getting late and no garage are in vicinity? Don’t worry as we are here, just a call away.

We have got a name – Wrong Fuel Drainers but want to call us your friend. We’re always at your back and call whether you are at the heart of Daventry or standing haplessly at the frills of the city. Just give us a knock at 0800 193 1103 or 0789 482 0715, we will be with you within a few minutes.

And yes, we operate round the clock. So anytime you find yourself in such a trouble, don’t hesitate to summon us, we are always ready to cater to your needs.

Why We?

Because we are here, there, everywhere! You don’t need to take the trouble of bringing your car at our doorstep. A call from your end will be enough for us to reach you. Just a few days ago, Daniel was going to attend a critical operation. He is a doctor by profession. On his way, he pulled at a gas service station and wrongly pumped unleaded petrol in his diesel tank. He drove a few kilometres but after then, his car started demonstrating problems.

It was around 11pm and he had urgency to reach hospital at scheduled time. He had our number and he did not waste time in calling us. Our technicians got there in less than half an hour. They drained out wrong fuel and fixed up the problems within a few minutes. He heaved a sigh of relief and our team came back satisfied.

Reliable Technicians, Excellent Service

We have expert technicians in our troop. They are hard-working, experienced and share the same motto that we have – serve with care, serve with smile! Over a long spell of time, we have been successfully served many customers in Daventry and hopefully continue with our success streak in years to come.

Sometimes it takes time to fix things up, particularly when petrol or diesel gets round the engine. Our technicians are proficient and patient to clean up everything – fuel lines, fuel filters, engines – to help you get going, once again.

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