Fuel Draining Bedfordshire

Vast majority of wrongfueling problem happens due to temporary lapse in concentration. However, some also pick up the wrong fuel pipe if it is not marked prominently at the fuel court. Or it may so happen that you have borrowed a car from your friend just for a few days and don’t know whether it runs on petrol or diesel.

What happened to Bob?

We, Wrong Fuel Drainer are never interested to dissect the problem and more focused on possible solutions. Last weekend, Bob was heading to Britannia Stadium to watch a Premier League fixture between Arsenal and Stoke City. He started from his home in Bedfordshire. He was just one mile away from home when he drove the car to a petrol station as he had long way to go.

Bob was driving his friend’s car. It was a diesel car and he picked up the petrol pump. As it is possible – from technical aspect – to refill a diesel caravan with petrol, so he did not notice any abnormality on the surface. However, problems started showing up once he was halfway along the road. The die-hard Arsenal fan was getting late for the match and also gripped by panic if anything serious had happened to his friend’s car.

He called his friend on mobile and asked whether it was a petrol or diesel car. And as soon as he heard the world ‘diesel’, he knew what he had done. He pressed 0800 193 1103 – we can be reached on 0789 482 0715 as well – and a team of our experts rushed to his rescue. He poured in almost 10 litters of petrol and what is more, the car suffered minor damages. Our professionals took just 45 minutes to syphon the wrong fuel and repair the problem. He thanked us and almost flew away.

The next day, he called us to inform that he reached the stadium on the stroke of time and watched the entire match without missing even a single second.

Mainstays of Service

We are available round the clock and almost everywhere throughout UK. In addition to these two big ‘PLUS’ points, our service never forces you to pay through nose. High-end machineries and premium quality yet low-cost service are the highlights of our wrong fuel draining work.

Remember that happened to Bob but next time, it could be you. So earlier you reach us, better it will be for your pocket and car as well.

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