Fuel Draining Waltham Forest

Wrong Fuel Drainer is a renowned name in UK with most motorists calling us when they realize they have put wrong fuel in their car. Wrong Fuel Drainer Waltham Forest is one of the many branches of the reputed Wrong Fuel Drainer. From setting up a decade ago to now we have a 99% success rate due to two reasons. Firstly, we always try to satisfy our customer’s requirements and have solved almost every wrong fuelling case. Secondly, members of our team are experts in this field and have hands-on experience of handling every type of car and engine.

As our branches are available throughout the country, we are available to attend to cars far away from the city outskirts.


Wrong fuelling can be divided into two categories, diesel in petrol car and unleaded petrol in diesel car. Since, all problems of mis-fuelling can be divided only into these two categories; we have fixed procedures to solve them. While it is fairly easy to reverse presence of diesel in a petrol car, the other type is equally tough to handle. Even though wrong fuel is drained immediately, it might take some time to declare your car fit for the road.

Avail services from experts

Our goal is to lend a hand to motorists suffering from wrong fuelling issues, without them having to spend an unreasonable sum of money to drain wrong fuel. Professionals linked with us also have the same goal, which is why they are able to offer their expertise at reasonable rates. Since, they are well acquainted with the latest engines and cars they are able to resolve all issues that occur as a result of mis-fuelling.

One of the major highlights of our service is on-spot recovery of vehicles. As soon as you place a call on 0800 193 1103/0789 482 0715 we reach you quickly to reverse the damage that your car has undergone due to mis-fuelling.