Fuel Draining Abingdon

Over time, we have offered fuel draining services to a large number of our customers in Abingdon. From simple cases to complex repair work, our customers have always returned satisfied with vehicles that drive without any glitches.

Vintage Cars

A few months ago, a gentleman called us to check out his vintage Volkswagen. He had no idea why the car was not starting up till he remembered that he had filled in diesel instead of unleaded petrol in the car.

We reached his Abingdon residence in 20 minutes. We drained the contaminated fuel out, cleaned the whole fuel system minutely and even pumped in unleaded petrol in the car. He was overjoyed to see his old car running again.

Hyundai Hatchback

The quickest service we delivered was to an old lady living in Abingdon.

Her grandson had gifted her a Hyundai hatchback. She had asked the caregiver to fill 20 gallons in the car. The caregiver had accidentally pumped in diesel instead of petrol. The old lady called us up and was very scared to have damaged the new car.

It took us approximately 40 minutes to clean up the fuel system and remove the wrong fuel out of the fuel tank. The car was fit for driving before our technician was on his way back.

From the service station

We once received a call from a service station near Abingdon. A lorry driver had accidentally pumped in unleaded in his lorry which ran on diesel. He had asked for help at the service station and was advised to contact us.

We fixed his lorry in an hour’s time. He pumped in fresh diesel from the service station and was soon on his way across the country.

Get in touch with us to solve all your wrong fuel woes in Abingdon. We offer quick and efficient services guaranteed to let get the best performance out of your vehicle again!

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