Fuel Draining Didcot

Installed petrol in diesel car or diesel in petrol car? This is an embarrassing situation for the motorists. However, more and more of the car owners are committing such mistakes, with prevalence of diesel mistake being on high.

Many of the car owners, considering wrongfueling incident most foolish on their part, are in two minds and delay to call in a fuel service drainer assistant. By the time a breakdown assistant comes in; a lot of damage has already been done. And the most terrifying fact is wrong fuel draining expenses and repairing bills – particularly for vehicles with catalytic converters – could range from a few hundred to many thousands of pounds.

Wrong Fuel Drainer wants to warn all of the car owners that you should contact a breakdown service agency as soon as the incident happens. The mistake is so easily done that the incident could happen to anybody. From our experience, we can tell if you are driving someone else’s car or having talks with someone else during filling your car tank, the likelihood of such mistakes increases by manifolds.

However, the blame should be put squarely on the petrol courts as diesel fuel pumps are often unhelpfully placed next to the petrol pumps or colored differently. This is another reason why the drivers are easily misled at the petrol station. Actually diesel in petrol car leads to more problems. This is because; the unleaded wrecks lubrication process of a diesel engine and particularly damages the expensive high-pressure pump, filters and fuel injection system.

What you will do?

After realizing that you have done the classic mistake, never start the engine and seek professional’s help straight away. If you have already driven off, you will hardly be able to go beyond half a mile down the road as your car will give up the ghost. So you will have no way but to get in touch with a breakdown service provider.

Wrong Fuel Drainer offers mobile fuel evacuation service and is active throughout Didcot. You can quickly reach us by dialing 0800 193 1103 or 0789 482 0715 and we offer at-spot fuel draining service. Our extensive fuel draining service includes draining of car tank, cleaning of hoses, purging of fuel from pumps and replacement of filter (if required).

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