Fuel Draining Spencers Wood

We are always busy with our hectic schedule. This is simply because wrong-fuelling incidents are on rise at an alarming pace. We often wonder what might be the reason behind such an accelerating increase. Young generation seems to be always in hurry. This might be one of the reasons why they are drifted towards roaming thoughts while pumping fuel into their car and the result is they often end up loading wrong fuel.

But what about the old guys? Well, they are also troubled with several responsibilities and become absent-minded while taking care of trifle works. Car fuelling is not a serious work for them and they don’t feel the need of staying focused to watch if correct fuel is placed in car tank. Rectifying mis-fuelling issues is not a big deal for our experienced professionals but sometimes, it takes time to mend the problem.

Last week we met an inconsolable client. He had pulled his car – 7.5 tonne Renault Midland lorry – to a local garage. He loaded 150 liters of unleaded in diesel car. Luck was not on his side and he could not realize the mistake until he saw the bill that mentioned the price of fuel. Price charged was relatively smaller than what he was expecting. And when he understood the reason, his jaw almost dropped. There was no way he could undo the mistake. ‘There must be a way out of the problem”, he thought.

He was advised at the fuel court to call us and we reached – where he were standing helplessly -within 40 minutes. It took Wrong Fuel Drainer Spencers Wood another 40 minutes to remove the offending petrol from his car tank so that he could continue with his duty. He was evidently relieved as he could not expect us to be done with massive drainage work within such a small space of time. He got more surprised after what he was charged for our wrong fuel recovery work.

Fast and affordable service has always been our trademark. We are also lauded for our excellent drainage service. Our expert professionals perform wrong fuel recovery work by employing high-end technology and equipments.

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