Fuel Drainer Leicester

Wrong-fuelling could disrupt smooth movement of your car and even inflict damages on it. However, severity of damages depends on how long or how much of contaminated fuel stays in car. At the same time, unleaded in a diesel car is considered more dangerous than diesel in petrol car. Whether it is a mistake of first type or second one, we are in possession of enough expertise and experience to get the work done in most excellent way.

What if you fill your car tank with wrong fuel?

  • Speak directly to us by dialling 0800 193 1103 or 0789 482 0715.
  • We collect requisite information from our clients over phone.
  • We send a group of experts to your rescue and you can expect them on scenario just within 45 minutes.
  • Avoid switching on your car engine or starting the same. Even if you have started your car engine, turn it off at once.
  • We provide value-added service, with no hidden charge included to surprise you.
  • Our extremely safe and fully insured service is carried out in specific areas.
  • We make best efforts to ensure that fuel mixture is removed from your car tank in minimum time, causing least amount of convenience to you.
  • Don’t sag under tension if your vehicle is still at the fuel station or has been driven,

We serve with difference

Our on-spot fuel recovery service is available throughout the United Kingdom. For least of fuss and cost, our professionals flush out contaminated fuel from your car in the most sensitive and environment-friendly way.

Fuel recovery process adopted by Wrong Fuel Drainer Leicester embraces the latest of technology and tools to save your money and time and also to make sure that your vehicle is not harmed. So there is no reason to worry if you have mixed it in your car tank.

Wrong-fuelling incident is heavily stressful – we understand that – but quick action can help you out of problems almost in no time; Our experts go out of their way to minimize your trouble and deliver customer satisfaction through a fast, safe and cost-excellent service.

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