Fuel Draining Stratford upon Avon

After a long spell in wrong fuel draining industry, we have served thousands of customers. Some of them, in their effort to mend up issues, ended up making a complete mess-up of everything. On reaching the spot, we saw them standing or sitting helplessly, with several car parts lying at sixes and seven.

One such hilarious incident happened to David a couple of years ago. He is a lawyer by profession. It was just 7pm and the streets came alive with neon lights on all hands and rushing cars. David headed to a petrol pump nearly Stratford upon Avon. It was a diesel car he was driving but accidentally picked up petrol pipe.

The car started with an abnormal sound. David got out and reached for the bonnet to guess what the problem was. He found nothing and tried to restart. This time, the car made no sound but did not start either. It was unknown how he suspected to have filled his car with wrong fuel. But even before doubt started brewing up in his mind, he grew restless.


He tried to push the car ahead but no deserted alley was found and he almost ran out of his energy. He saw a park nearby and towed the car there. After having some rest, he tried to evacuate car tank with a small jar in his car. But he poured 15 liters of petrol, with some diesel already into the car tank. That meant it was a huge task for him and beyond his capability.

After fruitless attempts for several times, he finally gave us a call. When we reached there, his face was beyond recognition as it was painted completely black. He laughed at his own condition. It was 11 pm – one hour already gone – and he was expectedly tired and feeling hungry. We tried to do our job fast and fortunately; his car escaped any major setback. We took wrong fuel out of his car tank and assured him there was nothing to worry.

Lesson: Never try to be jack of all trades; there are specialists in every niche.

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