Wrong Fuel Mistake – How to Deal with It

Over the last decade, wrong-fuelling has become one of the most widely talked about and feared topics causing car breakdown. It is happening not only in the United Kingdom but throughout the globe. In this ‘Blog’ section, we will make an attempt to shed lights on contradiction between facts and myths, what motorists should do following a wrong-fuelling incident, expenses of fuel recovery and many more that you should have a fair hang of.

The motorists may consider the information shared through our blogs as straightforward and simple solutions if they ever find themselves stranded with a car that does not move due to wrong fuel in its tank.

Take a look at statistics

According to surveys, there is hardly any car insurance company that provides coverage for vehicle breakdown caused by wrong-fuelling. As the motorists have no chance to approach their car insurance providers for compensation following such a mistake, these companies are unable to provide any data in this regard.

To know the real statistics regarding the number of wrong fuel cases in a year, you need to collect data from the motoring organizations that perform fuel recovery. They will tell you most of the car owners are not aware of consequences linked to wrong fuel in car. You will be surprised that many of them even cannot state what actually has brought the car to a sudden stop. Therefore, it is often specified as unspecified mistake. However, on inspection, the experts easily realize.

An official statistics is available from the AA and it reports that more than 150, 000 motorists fall prey to wrong-fuelling mistake every year in the UK.

If wrong fuel mistake happens, what will you do?

One of the objectives of this write-up is to educate you about what to do after you accidentally put wrong fuel in car. Let us sum up the must-do actions as follows:

  • Don’t try to start your car engine as it will lead to circulation of contaminated fuel throughout the engine.
  • Call a wrong fuel drainer as immediately as possible. It is better to call someone who provides on-site service.


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