Fuel Draining Banbury

Petrol in a diesel Honda SUV in Banbury

It has been quite a long time when we had our first customer, a lawyer, call us from Banbury to suck out petrol from his diesel Honda SUV. It had been a long day for him at work and he was too tired to realise what he was pumping into his car.

He topped up his vehicle with 30 litres of petrol before he realised that he was pumping in the wrong fuel.

We reached him in fifteen minutes and pumped out all of the unleaded petrol from the diesel Honda within the next forty-five minutes. It was a simple task and we fixed everything for him well in time.

Sucking out diesel from a petrol Cooper Mini

Recently, we had a similar experience, just around 5 kilometres out of Banbury. An elderly couple had stopped at a service station and had pumped in diesel in petrol engine. They were driving a Cooper Mini and were very anxious to know what could be done to fix their little shiny car.

Since the lad at the service station had called us immediately, we did not face much problem in draining out the wrong fuel and refuelling the Mini with unleaded petrol.

We had to clean up the whole fuel system, just to be sure that the car did not stand any chances of seeing mechanical issues later on.

From happy customers to happy technicians

We work towards turning troubled customers into happy people. That is how we gauge our success as proud technicians. We are here to resolve your wrong fuel woes in Banbury.

Be it midnight or any other time of the day, we will reach you, drain the contaminated fuel from your vehicle and clean the fuel system before pumping in the correct fuel in your car.

We are there for you 24×7, just a phone call away! So if you are stuck with the wrong fuel in your vehicle in Banbury, all you need to do is give us a call on 0800 193 1103 or 0789 482 0715.

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