Fuel Draining Havering

Did you fill diesel in your petrol car? Are you stuck at the fuel court wondering how to undo what you just did? Call us immediately on 0800 193 1103/0789 482 0715. Do not worry or give up hope that your car will function again, since Wrong Fuel Drainer Havering will come to your rescue.

Regardless of the time and location just place a call and our team will be there within an hour to help fix the car and pump out wrong fuel. You can relax as we assess the situation and fix your car within a few hours.

Consequences of diesel in petrol system

The design of petrol and diesel engines is completely different, so is the way they operate. The conditions required for the engine to function are also different for both fuels. Mostly, a petrol engine stops functioning as soon as diesel enters the fuel system. As soon as the engine stops functioning, chances are that there will be a smoky exhaust with the engine performing extremely low till it collapses completely.

The pistons of your petrol fuel system can be severely damaged. Replacing or repairing pistons that have burned off is fairly expensive, so do not drive further once you realize that you have put in wrong fuel.

What to avoid?

  • Do not rev the engine after the car stops functioning as it will further damage the vehicle.
  • Do not delay and pay attention to the issue immediately, since the quicker the wrong fuel is drained from the fuel system the better chances are for its revival.
  • Even if the car is functioning and you can drive it abstain from doing so, as the engine and fuel system gets damaged, therefore adding to your repair charges.
  • Do not try to drain out the fuel by yourself as you might add to the damage rather than be of any help.

Contact professionals for assistance as no one else can offer the right advice in these situations.