Fuel Draining Bletchley

Installing wrong fuel in car is a pretty commonplace mistake. It happens to so many people day in and day out that you will come in for shock to know the exact figure across UK. What is more, the figure is on rise – and it is not showing any linear curve but almost following a geometrical progression.

At our Wrong Fuel Draining wing at Bletchley, we receive hundreds of calls every day from those who have accidentally installed petrol in diesel car. From technical point of view, the opposite is not a possibility. Some old diesel models are resistant to a few drops of petrol but unfortunately, the new makes are sheared of that character.

If petrol is allowed to stay in a diesel car even for a few minutes, it may be detrimental to the condition of your tank. And if you start the engine, the situation may lead to the level of catastrophe. It may take up a lot of time to correct the problem or you may be asked to replace your engine. In either of the cases – replacement or recovery – you will be hit hard with a hefty sum.

Can we avoid that?

This is one of the most common questions our experts are bombarded with. Yes, you can, provided you make sure to pick up the right fuel pump while filling your car tank. But unfortunately, people often lift the wrong pump as they are drifted to other thoughts during tank fuelling.

On the surface, misfueling is a benign mistake but that is often not so in reality. Sometimes draining car tank is not enough to solve the problem. If there is delay in dealing with the wrongfueling problem, contaminated fuel could inflict heavy damage on not only your car but also the fuel delivery system as well.

Driving the car or turning on the ignition key will intensify the problem. In that case, it will take more time to rectify the mistake. This is because, apart from draining the tank and cleaning fuel supply system, our professionals have to meticulously check your car for faults and if they find any, it will be taken care of.

Prevention is better than cure – we harp on the same string but it always falls on the deaf ear. So it is better for you to note our number 0800 193 1103 or 0789 482 0715 to give us a call anytime if you have wrongly fuelled your car.

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