The consequences of wrong fuelling

The number of rising cases of wrong fuel can be directly linked with the number of rising cases of diesel based cars. The new diesel based cars are very quiet and it makes you even forget that you are driving a car especially if it’s a hired car or a second family car.

Petrol in diesel car massacre

The fuel pumps of the fuel powered engines have fine tolerance. The new age systems can work on very high pressure reaching from 350 to 1600 bar. Fuel is one of the lubricating layers these pumps have, whereas petrol functions as a solvent in these diesel cars. It reduces lubrication and metal gets in direct contact with each other, which causes serious damage to the engine and the pump.

It the metal particles in the pump contaminate the fuel further; it could cause some serious damage to the other parts of the car as well. Petrol can also hinder some of the seals within the fuel system. The cost of repairing can get even higher if the wrong fuel in car reaches any further part of the system. In their worst nightmares, motorists prefer to buy a new engine rather than fixing the older one.

Using Common rail or HDi diesel engines can affect the engine even more and is one of the greater reasons for wrong fuel mistakes. If pump wear debris pollutes the common rail system then replacement of pressure fuel pumps becomes a must. Adding to that, you might have to change line filters, fuel rail, injections and even fuel tank.

GDI or Gasoline Direct Injection petrol engines are also prone to damages. Many cars have low pressure electric pumps which start to work once the ignition is on. It circulates the incorrect fuel in car as well as rail. That is why motorists should turn on their keys once wrong fuel has been detected.

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