Fuel Draining Overbury

Last week, Paul and Steven had a spell of squall between them before our arrival in outskirts of Overbury. Paul was trying to convince Steven that draining wrong fuel consumes lot of time and is very expensive. Paul had already suffered the problems a few times and claimed that he knew more than Steven in this regard. They were busy in a hot debate and Paul’s car, which was filled with wrong fuel, was standing idle by the side. It was Steven who called us on 0800 193 1103 (0789 482 0715 is another option) and we reached them before half an hour ticked away.

Paul, who had experience of dealing with a few mobile wrong fuel drainage specialists, did not expect us to arrive so quickly. But we knew that there would be more for his surprise! We learned from our conversation with Steven that it was a diesel car and by mistake, they had loaded petrol in the tank. Now petrol in a diesel car is believed to cause more troubles and the duos were reasonably tensed. However, we reached earlier and fortunately, no major fault came into notice.

At first, our Wrong Fuel Drainer Overbury professionals made their best effort to flush out wrong fuel. And they did their job with such excellence that even a small trace of contaminated fuel was nowhere to be found. It took them just half an hour to remove 5 liters of mixed fuel. Our vehicle had more than 10 liters of diesel in a carrier and the technicians installed adequate amount of correct fuel into the car tank. After then, the car was put on test drives for a few minutes. It was running fine and we were sure that no more treatment would be required.

Paul was speechless and Steven drew a winner’s smile. No bet was placed but had it been there, Steven would have won the money. Paul was very happy as his car had been fixed in such a short time and that he would not have to part ways with a tidy figure as our service is affordable. He noted our number down and that was the beginning of our rapport with a new customer.

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