Fuel Draining Melton Mowbray

We are an independent on-spot fuel drain-out company in the United Kingdom.

We cover all states, cities, towns and corners of the UK. Our service is available throughout 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. We have a group of most competent professionals who deliver prompt and courteous service. We reach you within forty-five minutes if you put diesel in petrol tank or just the opposite.

Our objective is to get you out of trouble as early as possible – within just 45 minutes. Even if you have driven the car after placing wrong fuel into it, we will fix up your problem within a very quick space of time. We are fully licensed to carry out wrong fuel drainage work in the safest way that never causes any damage to environment.

Diesel in petrol engine is not very much harmful though the same cannot be said if you load petrol in a diesel car. The second type is more damaging as it may harm catalytic converter, spark plugs as well as engine. Many breakdown service providers are usually in favor of replacing most of your car’s fuel channel components.

Wrong Fuel Drainer Melton Mowbray always puts their best effort to get you back on road without making unnecessary replacement that not only costs you heavy expenses but also takes a lot of time. We remove fuel mixture ASAP and then check your car to find it out if wrong fuelling has caused any damage to your vehicle.

We never undertake repairing or replacement work if it is not necessary. The obvious objective behind our service is to deliver you best of work at the most competent price. Our diagnostic and fuel removal equipments are of the latest kind available in the industry and we also adopt the most advanced method of fuel recovery.

What you can expect from us

  • Quick and round-the-clock service
  • Fast removal of wrong fuel from your car tank
  • Comprehensive fuel flush
  • Complete check-up of your car after recovery of fuel
  • Use of modern fuel removal equipments and technology
  • Affordable service

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