Fuel Draining Charnwood

Don’t worry whether it is unleaded in a diesel car or just the opposite, we are armed with knowledge, skill and on-hands fuel recovery experience to carry out wrong-fuel draining work. Even if the car has been driven away, we can help you get back and running within not more than 45 minutes of our arrival.

No matter how severe the problem is, we always perform comprehensive check-up on fuel system and fuel tank. We recover the wrong fuel from car tank before refuelling it and draining out the fuel system. Next we carry out a routine check-up and only when everything seems to be in fine condition, we give you a green signal to get back on the road.

Have you loaded wrong fuel in your vehicle?

It may sound surprising but you are not the only person in the world to have committed such mistake. According to an estimated figure, more than 150,000 drivers pump wrong fuel into their car tank every year, with a significant part of them repeating the mistake. And this figure is rising at an unbelievable rate.

Precautions after Wrong-Fuelling Mistake

Preventive measures are taken to avoid mistake. However, even after you have pumped wrong fuel in your vehicle, significance of precautions cannot be overemphasized to prevent further damages. You must not drive your car or turn ignition key on. Following these easy-to-remember tips will prevent contaminated fuel from getting circulated; otherwise it may step up the risk of damage.

Who we are

Wrong Fuel Drainer Charnwood is a specialist and experienced on-spot service provider that drains, cleans and checks car fuel systems on the roadside. Our priority is to save customers money, time and last but not the least, inconvenience. We reach on the spot within 45 minutes and your vehicle would be up and running in minimum time possible.

We ensure quick and excellent service

Our team of qualified and committed professionals makes the best of state-of-the-art technology and toolkits for fuel recovery work and that guarantees fast and superlative service. Our effort is successful in more than 99% of cases and comes within affordable limit of all motorists.

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