Fuel Draining Harrow

Did you accidentally put unleaded in diesel car? You need not worry as your car will be completely fine. All you need to do is call Wrong Fuel Drainer Harrow and we will pump out wrong fuel from your diesel vehicle after a quick check up. We will be there in less than an hour after you make a call for help.

Why rely on Wrong Fuel Drainer?

Any expert offering wrong fuel help will definitely promise to get your car started and functioning smoothly again. So why should you rely on our services? Some reasons are listed below:

  • Repairing cars that undergo mis-fuelling is our forte
  • Our experts are skilled and can remove wrong fuel from any car
  • All members of our team are experienced and qualified
  • We come equipped with all tools and operating machinery required to pump out wrong fuel from your car
  • We will reach you as quickly as possible regardless of your location

Call us on 0800 193 1103/0789 482 0715 and not only will we get the fuel out of the car, but also have it cleaned thoroughly. Once we are done with your car there will be no indications of the mishap. You can simply forget that a wrong fuelling incident ever occurred.

Consequences of putting wrong fuel in car

Petrol, unlike diesel, is a fast burning fluid, so it causes heavy damage to a diesel engine. If you try to push too hard the engine becomes completely useless as petrol’s explosive charge damages the pistons.

Thus, as soon as you realize that you have put unleaded in diesel car turn off the ignition. Call us immediately, since we can take care of this issue. If you do not drive the car at all after mis-fuelling, you can drive away like nothing had gone wrong, after removal of wrong fuel. Pumping petrol out of a diesel engine is relatively simple than removing diesel from a petrol fuel system. However, petrol in a diesel engine is much more damaging than the situation reversed.