Fuel Draining Bicester

We get quite a few calls from Bicester customers asking us if we can help them with draining wrong fuel out of their cars.

We understand the problem you may be in when you miss-fuel your vehicle and are stuck on the road. That is precisely why we strive to reach you as soon as possible. Once you call us up, we generally reach you within the next hour.

It usually takes us another hour to remove the contaminated fuel from your car, clean the fuel tank, fuel pipes and the fuel filter, refuel your car and get you ready to drive away. Very rarely have we taken more than an hour for repair work. In such cases, the fuel system had already endured considerable damage.

Chilly winter night with the Peugeot

We got a call from a heart surgeon a few months back, passing through Bicester, at around 2am in the morning. It was a December night, extremely cold and foggy, when the surgeon had filled up his wife’s Peugeot with diesel instead of petrol.

He sounded a bit suspicious when our technician promised to reach him in half an hour, in that part of the night. He was overjoyed to see our technician actually reach him within the promised time frame.

The diesel was sucked out in the next thirty minutes. It took the technician another thirty minutes to clean everything up before the happy surgeon could drive away with his wife’s Peugeot.

At a call’s end

There have been numerous such cases where we have successfully helped customers drain the wrong fuel out of their cars and drive away as if nothing happened.

If you require assistance with removing wrong fuel from your car in Bicester, call us on 0800 193 1103 (toll free) or on 0789 482 0715 now!

We will reach you within an hour, no matter what time you call, suck out the wrong fuel out of your car and get you going in no time!

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