Wrong Fuel Mistake – How to Deal with It

Over the last decade, wrong-fuelling has become one of the most widely talked about and feared topics causing car breakdown. It is happening not only in the United Kingdom but throughout the globe. In this ‘Blog’ section, we will make an attempt to shed lights on contradiction between facts and myths, what motorists should do following a wrong-fuelling incident, expenses of fuel recovery and many more that you should have a fair hang of.

The motorists may consider the information shared through our blogs as straightforward and simple solutions if they ever find themselves stranded with a car that does not move due to wrong fuel in its tank.

Take a look at statistics

According to surveys, there is hardly any car insurance company that provides coverage for vehicle breakdown caused by wrong-fuelling. As the motorists have no chance to approach their car insurance providers for compensation following such a mistake, these companies are unable to provide any data in this regard.

To know the real statistics regarding the number of wrong fuel cases in a year, you need to collect data from the motoring organizations that perform fuel recovery. They will tell you most of the car owners are not aware of consequences linked to wrong fuel in car. You will be surprised that many of them even cannot state what actually has brought the car to a sudden stop. Therefore, it is often specified as unspecified mistake. However, on inspection, the experts easily realize.

An official statistics is available from the AA and it reports that more than 150, 000 motorists fall prey to wrong-fuelling mistake every year in the UK.

If wrong fuel mistake happens, what will you do?

One of the objectives of this write-up is to educate you about what to do after you accidentally put wrong fuel in car. Let us sum up the must-do actions as follows:

  • Don’t try to start your car engine as it will lead to circulation of contaminated fuel throughout the engine.
  • Call a wrong fuel drainer as immediately as possible. It is better to call someone who provides on-site service.


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What to do in case of wrong fuel mistakes?

Wrong fuel problems have become one of the major problems over the past few years that cause cars to breakdown. It is happening everywhere around the world. In this blog we will discuss about few myths and facts that’s been troubling motorists, and also about what a motorist should in such cases. In fact we will discuss about the estimates expenses of such incidents.

If a motorist ever gets stranded with a car that does not move, it blog will shed some light on what to do then.

The statistics

There is absolutely no car insurance company available to cover your misfuelling expenses. As the companies do not cover for such mistakes, it is not possible to collect any data in this regard.

If someone wants to collect the actual data, they need to collect it from the motoring organizations that perform fuel recovery. From them you’ll get to know that most motorists do not know about the consequences followed by an incorrect fuel in diesel or petrol car. In fact most of the time the most of the time, the motorists don’t even know what has caused their car to come to a sudden stop so they specify them as an unspecified mistake. But of course an expert will be able to identify them easily.

A statistics from AA reports that in UK every year almost 150, 000 fall prey to such incidents.

What to do in case of wrong fueling mistakes?

The article puts stress on what to do in case you put wrong fuel in your car. The simple suggestions are as follows:

  1. Don’t try to start the car. It will cause the contaminated fuel to circulate throughout your engine.
  2. Call a wrong fuel drainer immediately. If possible, call someone who provides an onsite service.
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Wrong Fuel Mistake – Understanding Its Consequences

Rising cases of wrong-fuelling mistake seem to be intimately linked to increasing growth in sale of diesel cars. Modern-day diesel cars are very quiet so much so that it will take no time to forget that you are driving a car, especially if it is a hire car or second family car.

Potential damages – Petrol in Diesel Cars

The fuel pumps in diesel powered engine have a fine tolerance. They work at a very high pressure. – new-age system runs at a  pressure between 350 and 1600 bar. These pumps have a layer of lubrication by fuel. Petrol functions as a solvent in diesel-driven cars. It could reduce lubrication, thereby causing serious damage to the pump as metals get in direct contact with each other.

Metal particles built up in the damaged pump could contaminate fuel further, thereby causing more damages to other parts of the fuel system. Petrol compounds can also negatively affect some seals in the fuel system. The further the fuel mixture goes into the fuel supply system, more costly will be its repairing. In the worst cases, the motorists prefer buying a new engine to repairing the older one.

Common rail or HDi diesel engines are considered more susceptible to damages following wrong fuel mistake. If pump wear debris pollutes the common rail system, replacement of high and low pressure fuel pumps is more likely to be a must. In addition, you may have to change line filters, fuel rail, injections and even fuel tank.

GDI or Gasoline Direct Injection petrol engines are also more vulnerable to damages. Many vehicles have a low-pressure electric pump fitted in the tank and it starts working once the ignition key is turned on. That circulates the polluted fuel throughout the pump as well as rail. That is why, it is often recommended that the motorists should not turn on the ignition key

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The consequences of wrong fuelling

The number of rising cases of wrong fuel can be directly linked with the number of rising cases of diesel based cars. The new diesel based cars are very quiet and it makes you even forget that you are driving a car especially if it’s a hired car or a second family car.

Petrol in diesel car massacre

The fuel pumps of the fuel powered engines have fine tolerance. The new age systems can work on very high pressure reaching from 350 to 1600 bar. Fuel is one of the lubricating layers these pumps have, whereas petrol functions as a solvent in these diesel cars. It reduces lubrication and metal gets in direct contact with each other, which causes serious damage to the engine and the pump.

It the metal particles in the pump contaminate the fuel further; it could cause some serious damage to the other parts of the car as well. Petrol can also hinder some of the seals within the fuel system. The cost of repairing can get even higher if the wrong fuel in car reaches any further part of the system. In their worst nightmares, motorists prefer to buy a new engine rather than fixing the older one.

Using Common rail or HDi diesel engines can affect the engine even more and is one of the greater reasons for wrong fuel mistakes. If pump wear debris pollutes the common rail system then replacement of pressure fuel pumps becomes a must. Adding to that, you might have to change line filters, fuel rail, injections and even fuel tank.

GDI or Gasoline Direct Injection petrol engines are also prone to damages. Many cars have low pressure electric pumps which start to work once the ignition is on. It circulates the incorrect fuel in car as well as rail. That is why motorists should turn on their keys once wrong fuel has been detected.

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The complete process of wrong fuel recovery

The way to fix a wrong fuel mistake is to recover all the contaminated fuel from the tank, though it can be tougher that it sounds. The process consists of two stages. In the first stage the expert uses a long pipe with both sides open. The one end of the pipe is inserted into the car and the other end to the drum. The engineers of the wrong fuel agencies carry these drums in their van.

After both the ends are inserted into its right place the first stage of the process gets started. The process is continued to suck wrong fuel from the car. Still after this process the process cannot completely drain it complete, in such cases the second stage becomes important. In the nest stage the car is refueled with the correct fuel to start the second and last stage of wrong fueling. The entire tank in again emptied so it becomes completely clear of fuel mixture. However the work does not end here for the engineers.

Inspection is hugely important after the fuel has been sucked out. The engineers start to check the car, focusing especially on the car tank and other components and the fuel supply channel. During checking the car is turned on for a test drive check to see if the car is on perfect condition or requires any more attention. If everything is well and good then they give the drivers a green signal after clearing their final payments and if not they rectify the further issues.

Sometimes repairing solves all problems but in some cases some of the parts are needed to be replaces which can cost us heavy amount of money. However the number of such cases is very few. Most of these cases only need to clear it out to bring it back to life. Visit mole valley architects for architectural services in Surrey

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Wrong Fuel Recovery – Importance of Complete Recovery & Inspection

The only way to correct wrong fuel mistake is to recover contaminated fuel from the car tank. However, it is not as easy as you think. It is a two-phase procedure to eliminate wrong fuel. To start with, the experts use a long pipe with both sides opened. One end is inserted into the car tank while the other end is forced into a big drum. This drum is carried away in a van by the engineers working on behalf of a wrong fuel recovery agency.

After both ends are inserted into where they should be, the first phase of fuel recovery process is initiated. The process continues until the left-out remains in the car tank. The left-out is what cannot be sucked any longer and that is why, the secondary phase of wrong fuel drain is deemed important. The car tank is refuelled, this time with the correct fuel, to start the last phase of fuel recovery. Now the entire tank is emptied so that it becomes completely clear of fuel mixture. However, that does not end the work of fuel removal engineers.

Inspection of the entire car is extremely important. The engineers start checking the car, with special focus on the car tank and the components along the line of fuel supply channel. During checking, test drive is also performed to be sure of if the car is in mint condition or requires further attention. If everything is satisfactory, the engineers bid you goodbye after you clear their payment. If they find problem, they rectify the issue.

Sometimes, repairing corrects things but not always and not all are lucky as they have to pay heavy price for replacement of some parts and even engine. However, only a few wrong fuel recovery cases require replacement and even repairing. Most of these cases just need only complete fuel removal for troubleshooting.

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Few advices to motorists about wrong fuel recovery

A car survives mainly on two types of fuel- petrol and diesel. And when I talk about cars I mean trucks, lorry motorbikes and two wheelers. More and more diesel based cars are being produced everyday despite the fact that they are the source of so much pollution. Petrol is considered as the wrong fuel for diesel based cars and vice versa. If such fuel is used in a diesel car then it can prevent the car to get started and can badly damage the engine and other components of the car. But this mistake can be solved if we pump out wrong unleaded petrol from diesel vehicle.

Diesel cars are greater in number so the majority of the wrong fuel cases we hear are of petrol in diesel car type. However when you know that the furl you have used is wrong, immediate action becomes necessary or else it creates major problems for the engine or other parts of the vehicle on its way. Delay will even worsen the situation. So without worrying too much, call in a wrong fuel specialist to put an end to this problem. Always choose an onsite help and not the ones who tell their clients to tow the truck to the physical setup.

In my share of mistakes I have experience this situation twice after owning my first car. Being a forgetful person I feel proud that such wrong fuel mistakes have been occurred to me twice only. Sometimes recovering the wrong fuel is not sufficient enough and repairing or replacing few parts becomes necessary. Intensive care and extensive checkup becomes necessary after removing the wrong fuel from the car every time. But most importantly always make sure to contact a reputed wrong fuel specialist to solve your problems on quick time and without spending too much.

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Guide to wrong fuel mistakes

It has become a common phenomenon by the motorists to fill their tanks with the wrong fuel and such numbers of cases are rising day by day. However, since we are humans it is not impossible to make mistakes. This is an old saying and to be honest it is absolutely true.

We all have to pay for the mistakes we have done. The motorists half the time try to fix this on their own or they try to contact professional help to fix this situation. During such cases whatever that is needed to be done should be done within the minimum span of time otherwise the engine might get into huge trouble. If you search enough then there will be enough service providers to offer you help a low cost.

It is commonly known that unleaded petrol in diesel car causes more trouble than the opposite. Petrol starts to work on the diesel lubricants and forces those to come out off the outer surface of the engine components. When the engine starts, it gets circulated to the entire area and caused heavy damage to the engine. In few cases the engine needs to be replaced when repairing fails. Sometimes the drivers fail to realize and delay the repairing.

New diesel cars do not produce any sound when we put wrong fuel in car. It is an advice to ask for immediate help when you have detected the problem as early as possible. The experts come into the site and using a big pipe suck the wrong fuel form the car. The other end of the pipe will be inserted into a big tank a van with them. Then they will flush out the entire tank and after that they will check for damages if there are any and then will start repairing them.

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Solution for Wrong Fuel Mistake

Wrong fuel mistake is often blown out of proportion. It is quite usual for the motorists to fill their car tank with inaccurate fuel. This mistake is happening at higher frequency these days. However, you will surely admit that too err is human. This age-old proverb holds good in every walk of life.

Everyone has to pay for the mistake committed by him or her. The motorists either have to correct the mistakes on own or engage someone to support them so that dire consequences are averted. No motorist wants his/her car to stop moving or get the engine replaced. That necessitates correction of mistake within a short span of time otherwise; you have to spend more to get the problem fixed up. There are many on-site wrong fuel removal agencies offering low-cost yet quality service.

You may have probably heard that unleaded petrol in diesel cars causes more problems than the opposite. Petrol starts working on the diesel lubricants and forces those to come out off the outer surface of the engine components. As soon as the engine is started, it gets circulated through the entire area and causes heavy damages if the car is not stopped immediately. Sometimes damages are severe and require early replacement of engine as repairing produces no satisfactory result. Sometimes, the drivers fail to detect problems with their car and that delays recovery work.

Cutting-edge diesel-powered cars don’t produce any unusual sound to put the motorists on alert after wrong-fuelling mistake. I want to tell you that if the problem is immediately addressed, you are lucky to avoid heavy expenses. The expert engineers will arrive at the site and suck wrong fuel from car with help of a big pipe, the other end of which will be inserted into a big tank seated in the van they drove to the place. It will be followed by full-flush out work and meticulous checking of car engine and other components.

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Why wrong fuel mistakes happen

The numbers of wrong fuel in car cases are gradually increasing and the reason behind them are plenty. People nowadays are getting busy and are always in a hurry and are forgetting to take care of important things. For example while loading fuel into their car, few people starts to think about random thoughts and some of them even start to chat in their phones. They never check whether the right fuel is filled in their tank or not and as a result atleast once in their lives they put the wrong fuel into their which eventually results in damaging their car.

However the motorist shouldn’t always be blamed. There are also some other reasons that could cause misfuelling. Some fuel stations are also responsible they fail to care about the maintenance of the fuel station that needs to be done every year. If you visit such stations you’ll notice that the labels have come out or are too faded to understand. However it is the responsibility of the motorist to ask the staff of the station about which fuel is the right fuel for their car, but they don’t do it. They fuel station must be responsible enough to guide the motorist and also to do regular maintenance work.

The nozzle of a diesel car is generally big in size, so the as a mistake the petrol tank can easily go into it. Such incidences can never be good for a motorist and they don’t recognize the about choosing the right pump. That is why unleaded petrol in diesel car is the most common problem than the opposite one. To be true diesel in petrol car is a huge problem and it can also cause major problem to the engine. As a result fixing such mistakes can cost you a fortune.

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