Fuel Draining Hinckley

If you have done the serious mistake of putting non-compatible fuel in your car tank, call us immediately to take it out. If it is not done immediately, fuel contamination will cause your engine to sustain problems and in the worse cases, engine will need a replacement for recovery. We believe you won’t like to let that happen to your car.

Wrong Fuel Drainer Hinckley is a specialist in on-spot fuel removal service. We are capable of removing diesel from petrol cars and unleaded from diesel cars, irrespective of what makes and models you are using. Our technicians are fully trained in use of modern equipments for fuel evacuation. They ensure that wrong fuel is flushed out as safe and quick as possible.

We are easily reachable any time a day and any day a week. Our emergency fuel drainage service centre is open round the clock and you just need to dial 0800 193 1103 or 0789 482 0715 to get us to work.

Our skilled, experienced and trained engineers do the followings:

  • Remove contaminated fuel from your vans, cars or other vehicles.
  • Drain the fuel system if required.
  • Load 5-10 litres of correct fuel in the car tank
  • Perform test-drive on your car to be sure if any further problem needs to be addressed.
  • Fit your car with an additive for fuel system cleansing (optional service)
  • Repair and replace fuel filter if needed.

Our wrong fuel drainage service is superfast and gets your problem solved within 45 minutes. We reach on the sport as quickly as possible (average time taken is only 45 minutes). Apart from getting it done quickly and most efficiently, we also take care that our wrong fuel recovery work is carried out in the safest way, without causing any environment damage.

Our service covers entire length and breadth of Hinckley, catering to drivers both at the heart of the city as well as on the outskirts. ‘Fast and excellent’ is the only password for our fuel recovery service. Wrong-fuel incidents are a troubling situation for the motorists and we don’t want to add to your plight by demanding a heavy charge.

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