Fuel Draining Essex

Amidst much touted myths and less advertised reality, common people are confused about wrong fuel mistake and its consequences. Many of them are not aware of the fact that in less than 5% of wrong-fuelling cases in the UK, the cars suffer expensive damages. They don’t have any idea why ‘petrol in diesel cars’ is a fairly common mistake while the reverse happens only a few times. Wrong Fuel Drainer Essex wants to educate you in this regard.

Let us enrich your knowledge about wrong fuel mistake through the following questions-answers format.

Why is ‘unleaded petrol in diesel cars’ incidence very common?

It is very common for the motorists to commit the mistake of loading unleaded petrol into diesel cars. This is because; the diameter of the opening in the diesel tank is much bigger than that of the petrol pump at the fuel station. That is why the motorists cannot realize their mistake while loading fuel.

The reverse case i.e. diesel in petrol cars is rare as the motorists can immediately realize the mistake of picking up the wrong fuel pipe as the width of the diesel pipe is bigger than that of the petrol tank opening. When they try to load fuel into tank, the mismatch comes into notice easily and that prevented them from committing mistake.

How to solve the problem?

It requires technical expertise to solve the problem. Only fuel recovery is not considered enough and thorough checking of car is a must. We provide wrong-fuelling service that is more comprehensive by nature. We follow a step-wise method to recover contaminated fuel and ensure a complete flush-out work. After it is done, we proceed to the next phase of fuel recovery service, which involves checking of car and repairing/replacement work.

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