Fuel Draining Oxfordshire

Wrong Fuel Draining Services Oxfordshire

Many customers walk into our garages or call us over phone every day to get the wrong fuel removed from their vehicles in Oxfordshire. Our vast experience with fixing such vehicles ranging from small Cooper Minis to large trucks and Lorries have enabled us to provide quick and efficient service to our customers each time.

There have been instances where we have saved hundreds of quids for our customers by reaching them just in time. Here are some of the cases we have worked on while removing the wrong fuel from our customers’ vehicles to get them back on the road.

The Ford Transit

We had a plumber call us up on a Sunday morning to report that he had filled in unleaded in his diesel truck in Oxfordshire. He was on his way to work on an emergency call from a customer in Oxford, when he stopped for filling up his truck. He pumped in 20 litres of unleaded in his truck before he realised the mix-up.

Fortunately, he got our number from the service station and gave us a call immediately. We fixed the Ford truck and he was on his way to get the emergency job done within an hour!

The Mini Cooper Experience

If you have bought a new Mini Cooper and have filled in diesel in place of unleaded the first time you took it to a service station, you are bound to feel the world come crashing in. We had a customer call us up in Oxfordshire to help her with sucking out diesel from her brand new Cooper Mini that she got delivered that very day.

We got rid of 20 gallons of the wrong fuel and filled in unleaded petrol for her within an hour and half. She was one of the happiest customers we have dealt with till date.

When things go really bad

Misfuelling experiences can be very costly if you don’t take the right steps quickly. A customer brought in his old BMW SUV for us to take a look at. He had filled in 10 litres of petrol in the diesel SUV and still managed to drive to our garage to get things fixed.

However, the contaminated fuel had left its mark. We not only had to get the fuel filters and lines changed but the pistons suffered damage as well. It took us a whole 6 hours to get things back in shape before he picked up the BMW in the evening.

There are plenty of other cases where we have helped troubled customers in Oxfordshire. It is always a good idea to give us a quick call as soon as you spot the issue. We will reach you within an hour drain the wrong fuel in Oxfordshire itself and get your vehicle fixed like nothing happened.

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