Wrong Fuel Drainer Towcester

Pumped in wrong fuel? Worried if it will damage your vehicle? Confused how to deal with the problem? Call the best to offer you help. Here we come – Wrong Fuel Drainer to deal the problem head-on and give you relief in no time.

We have been active in Towcester for many years on calendar. In all these years, we have grown from strength to strength, thanks to the highly professional experts in our team. They explore their knowledge, give their time and serve you more like a friend during troubles.

Placing of wrong fuel never means that you are a fool. In fact, even the most intelligent and careful car owners also make such mistakes at least once in their life time. What is more, you will come in for a shocking surprise to know the statistics that more than 400 people accidentally do this day in and day out. So, being one of them won’t definitely hurt your pride.

So how can you find us?

0800 193 1103 or on 0789 482 0715 – call us on the number, we are always available, in day and at night. When you call us, we will ask you only three questions:

  • Where are your right now?
  • How many wrong fuel you have loaded?
  • How many miles has your car travelled after misfueling?

As soon as we pick up information, we send our team there to flush the wrong fuel out of your car tank and find out if anything serious has happened to your car. We know every second counts for you. So we make sure to reach you as soon as possible and also fix the problems quickly.

Fast Service, Quality Care

That’s what we believe in and promise. And it’s not only lip service, we deliver too. Whether it is diesel in petrol car or other way around, we drain out even the last droplet as the contaminated fuel may inflict damages on your car engine. We also clean the fuel pipes and filter so that after re-filling, engine or other parts don’t contain even an iota of wrong fuel.

Once everything is done, we check for other issues if you have any complaint. And rest assured, our service comes easy on pocket!

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