Fuel Draining Thame

Placing diesel in petrol car is not as common as doing just the opposite. In other words, wrongly fueling a diesel car with petrol is a more common mistake. Furthermore, it leads to worse consequences as petrol causes more damages to a diesel engine. However, when you have no way to undo the mistake, there is always a way to correct it. Call in Wrong Fuel Drainer to make things turn in favour of you as quickly as possible.

Our omnipresence throughout United Kingdom has made it possible for everyone to reach us anytime if they are in trouble. You can ask for our active intervention from anywhere in UK just by calling us on 0800 193 1103 or 0789 482 0715. Our specialist wrong fuel draining professionals have loads of experience in the same niche and are quick to respond to your wrongfueling issues.

Last week we got a call at midnight. On other end, it was Sam. He was heading home after a hectic schedule at his health clinic. On his way, he refilled his diesel car. He drove off, with no problems showing at first but things became different after half an hour. Accelerator felt jumpy and ride was no longer smooth. Adding to the woes, engine started producing jarring noise.

Sam stopped the car, turned off ignition key and got out of the car. Though he had no idea of what went wrong with his vehicle, Sam gave us a call. We found him standing distressed and hapless in Thame. We reached there almost close to dead at night and immediately identified that it was a result of mis-fueling. Our first job was to move the car to a side street where we could drain out the tank safely.

We flushed wrong fuel out of his car tank and then topped it up with the correct fuel – diesel. We were not through yet. We checked if contaminated fuel had left any kind of damage. Casualty was a strong possibility as the car was driven after mis-fueling. However, Sam was really lucky to have evaded any serious mishap. Within 40 minutes, his car was running again and at a fraction of quoted cost she had learnt from another fuel drain service provider.

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