Wrong Fuel Recovery Lye

It was a nice morning in September at Lye. Roberto was having his dinner at his workplace. Suddenly, the phone in his private chamber started ringing. Roberto received the call and a sweet voice from customer care department informed him that someone namely Anderson was on the line and wanted to talk to him.

They got connected and Roberto heard the person panting a lot while telling that he needed wrong fuel recovery Lye service. It took Roberto just a couple of minute to complete his lunch and he darted out.

He has a team of most dedicated wrong fuel drainage professionals. They headed to the destination with a van equipped with high-end equipments and a tank full of diesel. Yes, it was a ‘unleaded into a diesel’ type of mistake.

He was driving his Ferrari F355 and on his way to airport to receive his girlfriend. His joy of meeting his girlfriend after a long time evaporated all on a sudden and he cursed himself for having refilled his tank with wrong fuel accidentally.

Wrong Fuel Drainer Lye – Petrol in Diesel Car

Let us introduce Roberto, our chief engineer at Lye Branch. Anderson had our helpline number 0800 193 1103 or 0789 482 0715. Anyone can call us on either of them and we will be ready for arrival at the earliest.

We discovered Anderson and Ferrari after 30 minutes of receiving his call. Traffic was kind and Roberto already told Anderson not to start his car. He should have thanked his stars that he was able to realize his mistake even before taking a start.

Fast Service- Petrol in Diesel Car

Recovery of wrong fuel in car/engine Lye plus checking took our drainers only 35 minutes. Very quick, isn’t it? We are appreciated, acclaimed and approached for our fast service. We also ensure that quick service does not come at the expense of excellent quality.

Call us anytime for our on-site and round-the-clock wrong fuel drainage work.

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