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Is it the first time you have bought a car? If yes, spend some time to educate yourself about wrongfueling. What it is all about, how it happens and most importantly, what you should do if you experience such problem. We, Wrong Fuel Drainer Coventry, take all troubles to enhance your knowledge in this regard.

What is misfueling?

Wrongfueling or misfueling is a serious mistake that often leaves you with a damaged engine, if the service is not done in time and/or the car is driven after wrong fuel entry, there is an immediate danger for your car engine. It means you have to cough out a larger sum for your car to be back on the road once again.

Misfueling happens when you erroneously place diesel in a petrol car or petrol in a diesel car. It also refers to accidentally filling up a non-compliant vehicle with bio diesel. Whatever the case is, wrongfueling sometimes causes imminent problem while other times, the problem manifests itself after a few days.

What you should do?

You should also remember that pumping petrol in a diesel car causes bigger trouble than doing just the opposite. Still, wrong fuel or contaminated fuel must be removed from the tank in either of the cases to ensure safety and avoid heavy repairing bill. If the problem is dealt with immediately, you will escape not only a hefty repairing charge but your car too will be saved from picking up any damage.

So whenever you suspect that such mistake has happened or your car is showing mysterious behaviour after fuel refilling, call us in and we will deal the problem head-on.

Arnold, Betice, Clara, Daniel…Robert, Stuart and the list just goes on

Though we share a very lukewarm and friendly relationship with our clients, it is pretty difficult to remember every one of them by their names because we have served thousands. And with the car owners swelling up in number, UK is having a fair share of misfueling cases.

Don’t take your car along the driveway after you recognize the problem or there is even the slightest trouble. Instead, push it away from the fuel filling island and contact us on 0800 193 1103 or 0789 482 0715. Once we arrive there, it is literally a matter of time to get the problem solved.

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