What to do in case of wrong fuel mistakes?

Wrong fuel problems have become one of the major problems over the past few years that cause cars to breakdown. It is happening everywhere around the world. In this blog we will discuss about few myths and facts that’s been troubling motorists, and also about what a motorist should in such cases. In fact we will discuss about the estimates expenses of such incidents.

If a motorist ever gets stranded with a car that does not move, it blog will shed some light on what to do then.

The statistics

There is absolutely no car insurance company available to cover your misfuelling expenses. As the companies do not cover for such mistakes, it is not possible to collect any data in this regard.

If someone wants to collect the actual data, they need to collect it from the motoring organizations that perform fuel recovery. From them you’ll get to know that most motorists do not know about the consequences followed by an incorrect fuel in diesel or petrol car. In fact most of the time the most of the time, the motorists don’t even know what has caused their car to come to a sudden stop so they specify them as an unspecified mistake. But of course an expert will be able to identify them easily.

A statistics from AA reports that in UK every year almost 150, 000 fall prey to such incidents.

What to do in case of wrong fueling mistakes?

The article puts stress on what to do in case you put wrong fuel in your car. The simple suggestions are as follows:

  1. Don’t try to start the car. It will cause the contaminated fuel to circulate throughout your engine.
  2. Call a wrong fuel drainer immediately. If possible, call someone who provides an onsite service.
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