Fuel Draining Birchfield

Who are we?

We run a wrong fuel drain-out company in Lewisham and so are named as Wrong Fuel Drainer Birchfield. We are a direct branch of UK-famed Wrong Fuel Drainer. We perform wrong fuel recovery work throughout Lancashire and provide removal service whenever wrong fuel help is required by any of you.

How long have we been here?

We are rich in hands-on experience that we have gathered over a long time. We have completed more than ten years in the industry and it is not a short time period. Experience has added to skill of our professionals.

How do we recover wrong fuel?

We recover contaminated fuel through a series of steps. We start with sucking wrong fuel from the car tank with help of a long pipe that is inserted into a different tank we carry in our van. After the primary work of wrong fuel loading, we proceed to full flush-out work. Wrong fuel drain involves elimination of left-out in the car tank as well as different components involved with fuel supply. After we are done with the secondary phase of fuel removal, our experts start checking the car.

Checking is done thoroughly to identify if there is any damage. Sometimes, wrong-fuelling causes heavy damages to the cars. Checking is a must to find out damages and make correction which involves work of repairing and/or replacement.

How long does it take to recover fuel?

The time to recover fuel is not fixed in every case and depends on severity of the problem. Most of the mis-fuelling problems can be rectified in quick time. Only in few cases, we have to work long and hard to sort out the problems as those involve repairing and replacement. However, our experts are capable of solving even the most problematic cases in 45 minutes. Our response time is also the shortest in the industry. Once we get call on 0800 193 1103/0789 482 0715, we reach the spot in half an hour.