Fuel Draining Speen

Only a fortnight ago, we were summoned to fix up a peculiar wrong fuelling problem in Speen. It was late at night when we received a call from the client. After reaching the spot, we found that the car had been wrong-fuelled one day ago. The owner could not realize the problem as he drove the car only 10 minutes and then left it in the garage. He sounded concerned as wrong fuel remained in the tank for 24 hours and furthermore, it was petrol in a diesel car. We, Wrong Fuel Drainer Speen, assured him that everything would be okay in time and we proved to be true to our words.

Our experts reached there with high-end equipments and 10 liters of diesel. As it was a locality, so we had to tow the car to an almost deserted roadside. The professionals working at Wrong Fuel Drainer Speen are experts and have already dealt with plenty of such problems. They decided to remove 5 liters of diesel – our client had loaded that much – as early as possible. And they did it quickly – within just half an hour. However, the work was not done yet as the car needed further attention. Our mechanics tried to find out if it had sustained any damage owing to wrong-fuelling incident.

The client was not in luck as we found some problems with his car filter. It was not in condition of repairing and a replacement was necessary. Our Wrong Fuel Drainer Speen team had a spare filter and it was fitted into his car. 10 liters of diesel that we carried in our van was pumped into the car tank. The experts performed a few rounds of test-drive and the car was working fine. He gave us a lot of thanks and became a new addition to our list of success.

Highlights of Our Service

  • Fast & Reliable
  • Excellent wrong fuel drainage work
  • Cost-effective service
  • Use of high-end equipments
  • Adoption of top-notch technology
  • 24×7 hours’ availability

Get at us on 0800 193 1103 or 0789 482 0715 and we will solve your misfuelling problem just like a magician.

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