Fuel Draining Ambrosden

It was late at night on the last weekend when we received a call from someone namely Tony. “My car is not starting and I suspect the problem is something to do with wrongfueling. I have just realized to have wrongly fuelled my diesel car”, he yelled out. That necessitated an action at once and our team set out for the spot in Ambrosden where Tony was standing.

It took us 15 minutes to reach there. There were not much of vehicles on the highway and we found Tony was trying to tow his car away from the fuel court. Our experts lend him a hand and the car was pushed through a lane and then cornered at a site where it was easy to drain out wrong fuel, clean the fuel system and check for other components.

We always make sure that everything is done in an environment-friendly way. Tony had already installed a good amount of unleaded into his car. The professionals make a calculation and the figure came out to be more than 10% of the tank capacity. So, immediate removal of wrong fuel was the only solution in sight. We did just that.

And then we took a little time to cleanse the fuel supply system to trace out even the last vestige of contaminated fuel. But how could we be sure that everything was okay with his car? Further checking was a must and our professionals got down to extensive check-up of the vehicle. Unfortunately, the damage was not that much serious and it did not take us long to mend the issues.

We spent close to 45 minutes on Tony’s car and we were happy to have done everything perfectly. He was back on his way and we headed home i.e. our Ambrosden branch.

You need a specialist & We are here

It requires knowledge, skill and experience to properly drain a car tank. And that is not the only aspect our service is limited to. In fact, our extended service always includes cleaning of fuel pipes and checking of entire system as mentioned above. Everything is done without tearing a hole in your wallet and keeping in mind what can do harm to our surrounding.

Call us on 0800 193 1103 or 0789 482 0715 if you ever need our assistance. We are equally comfortable with and expert at working on a variety of vehicles including luxury models, van, truck, two-wheeler, lorry and others.

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