Fuel Draining Sandhurst

We are a wrong fuel drainage specialist working round the clock and there is literally no weekend for us. So it springs no surprise that we were busy last weekend just as usual and this time it was with an exotic motor vehicle requiring our attention and assistance. Ferrari Testarossait was what we attended and needless to mention, we were successful.

When Wrong Fuel Drainer Sandhurst attended the car on Saturday morning, it found that the car had already been driven more than a mile before breakdown. The root of the problem was obviously wrong-fuelling – a tank filled with diesel. We are proud to say that our experienced experts removed fuel mixture within only 30 minutes. They also flushed the fuel lines after partly filling the car tank with petrol. That flush-out eliminated even the last droplet of contaminated fuel, thereby cleansing the entire fuel channel. The car tank was again filled up with correct fuel and then re-started. This time, it showed no hesitation and produced no quirky sound as the tank got rid of offending issue.

And we did wrong fuel recovery work at an unbeatable price. Fixing up the problems at a Ferrari garage would have set the owner back by a fortune.

Can I get my car back on road without sending it to a dealer following ‘diesel in petrol’ mistake?

This question has been hurled at us several times. Our answer is ‘yes’ in 95% of cases. As soon as you realize your mistake, don’t drive the car any more. The process of fuel removal can take a little longer, depending on the amount of wrong fuel in the car tank. If wrong-fuelling leaves damages on car, more time will be required to fix up the issues. Success rate of Wrong Fuel Drainer Sandhurst is quite high and a witness to our excellence.

In 5% of cars, it might not be easier or even possible to flush out wrong fuel. These cars are usually older models having high mileage and comparatively fragile ancillary parts. These vehicle components are more prone to damages if the car is run on contaminated fuel.

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