Fuel Draining Mapperley

Teary-eyed Barbara called us late at night. She was returning from the airport where she went to see off her fiancé and loaded petrol in the car tank at the nearby fuel court. She bought the diesel car just a few months ago and installed 15 liters of unleaded petrol into it. She could not realize it at first as these days, diesel cars don’t produce annoying sound.

After traveling close to 2 miles, she felt something went wrong with her car. The road was smooth but she was experiencing bumpy ride. She stopped the car and attempted to see what was cooking under the bonnet. She could not realize, Absent-mindedly she took out her fuel bill and glanced over it. Then she realized what had happened to her car.

It was a wrong-fuelling mistake! She was worried and not sure if she could ever get back the car in same condition that was before the incident took place. We assured her and our team of technicians reached the site within only 20 minutes. For Wrong Fuel Drainer Mapperley, the maximum response time is half an hour.

It took 30-45 minutes to sort out wrong-fuelling issues, depending on complexity of the problem.

What happened to Barbara?

She poured a great deal of wrong fuel in her car tank. It took us a little longer – more than 20 minutes – to bail out contaminated fuel. She drove her car with mixed fuel. It was imperative to check for faults. We found a few faults of insignificant degree and it took us only a few minutes to fix those up.

Barbara was not an exception

Barbara was among all those who commit such mistake. Every year, more than 150, 000 motorists in the UK put wrong fuel in their car tank. We are awaiting a call from your end on 0789 482 0715 or 0800 193 1103 and the rest? You can leave it to us.

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