Fuel Draining Stourbridge

East or West, wrong fuel loading is a common mistake. Anytime seems to be the right time for the mistake to happen. It can also happen anywhere. We need just a call from your end and within 30 minutes, our professionals will find you out at the site where your car is.

Wrong Fuel Drainer Solihull is always available on 0789 482 0715 or 0800 193 1103.

Diesel in Petrol

It is among the rare incidents as the nozzle of diesel pump seldom matches that of the petrol tank. However, even if that takes place by chance, we can correct the problem, with least amount of time spent.

Petrol in Diesel

It could be dangerous if early recovery is not performed. Such kind of wrong-fuelling mistake is also very common throughout the UK. With sale of diesel car increasing, more and more of such incidents are being reported.

Diesel is harmful for petrol engine if it stays there long. This is because, petrol takes off diesel lubricant and causes damages to not only car engine but also other components of fuel supply pipe. We have expert engineers at our disposal and they can efficiently deal with any type of unleaded in diesel car/engine Solihull problem.

Recovery is not required always

Surprising but it is the reality that you may not need wrong fuel recovery always. If you have installed a very little amount of wrong fuel and have not started the engine, it is less likely that you will require recovery work. However, only a specialist can decide if you need wrong fuel drainage or not. So instead of taking a decision on your own, rely on our advice.

Safe & Fast Service

While removing contaminated fuel from the car tank, we take extreme care to ensure ultimate safety. At the same time, we also make sure that things are done as fastest as possible.

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