We are proud to state that we have delivered our services with 100% success rate. Our customers have always been happy with us. Read through what our customers say about the technicians from Wrong Fuel Drainer and the services we delivered:

5 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Perry (Moffat) Honda Civic: Draining out wrong fuel from my car

    Nothing to say except a positive feedback to wrong fuel for a right kind of job they did for me within a short notice. I was stuck in Moffat for hours then I Googled the wrong fuel recovery team and called up for a speedy recovery. Dear lord, they saved me like angels out of the sky. I highly recommend wrong fuel recovery for everyone out there.

  2. Gala (Crawford) Beetle: Diesel instead of Petrol

    Thanks to wrong fuel recovery unit. At the middle of nowhere my car stopped and I had to call wrong fuel recovery unit. And they did a remarkable job by taking out the wrong fuel from my Beetle. I got them through my mobile and finished the job in less than an hour. If anyone out there having a similar issue call these guys to take full charge of it. Highly recommended!

  3. Catherine Ford Focus (Carlisle): wrong fuel draining from my year old car

    Wrong fuel did the right thing for me within a very short period of time. I was stuck at Carlisle for long time then I searched for the wrong fuel recovery team in Google. In no time they appeared and saved me from the trouble. Oh Dear, not only did they help me but took care of my problem immediately. I highly recommend wrong fuel recovery for everyone out there who suffered like me.

  4. Leo Honda Jazz (Manchester):

    Warm hearted thanks to wrong fuel unit. My car stopped at the middle of a deserted street and I’m thankful to wrong fuel service for attending my call and coming to my rescue. They did a commendable job by taking the wrong fuel from my car. They completed their work in less than an hour and I must say they are efficient. If anyone of you are facing same problems as me then call these guys from wrong fuel and they will take care of the rest.

  5. Eve Renault Fluence (Edinburgh):

    Except a big thanks to the wrong fuel company I don’t know what to say. I owe them a lot to help me in the middle of nowhere. When my car stopped for hours I Googled the wrong fuel recovery team and called them up for a speedy recovery. Good God they saved me in no time and that too very efficiently. I highly recommend all of you out there to contact wrong fuel team if you ever face the same kind of problem that I went through.


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