Fuel Draining Pangbourne

Water in a petrol two-wheeler! Shocking but true it is. Wrong Fuel Drainer Pangbourne attended a young guy on Saturday. He had arrived in Pangbourne, filled his Suzuki SV650 but it was not starting.

He was accompanied by two friends. They wanted to enjoy their weekend but the mishap seemed to have spoiled their plan. They had driven all their way to Pangbourne and not surprisingly, the car was low on petrol. One of the three musketeers offered to refill the tank with 5 liters of fuel from a plastic can – a proposal readily welcomed by other two. The car showed problem a few minutes later by refusing to start. Being puzzled, they searched on Google and found us. After receiving call on our 24×7 response line, we dispatched our professionals and they were on the scene only 40 minutes later.

Even our professionals were confused for a while. After dipping the two wheeler’s tank, they expected to discover a thick layer of wrong fuel (diesel) but the fluid contained in the tank had no color or smell. One of our experts showed bravery by dabbing his tongue on the fluid to be sure what it actually was. Only then it was revealed that they had loaded water instead of petrol. The engineers were quick to drain out the tank. The fuel system was flushed with unleaded and the car was brought back to life. The owner almost sprang to his feet. Without our involvement, they could have spent the night on roadside and sent the car to a dealer the following day.

Every time you put fuel into your car tank, always check if you are filling it with the correct type. Now you can see we have done water recovery work just like fuel removal. Just imagine if they would have placed diesel in place of petrol and driven the car away without realizing their mistake. That could have taken us more time to solve their problems. A car is one of your prized possessions. So always take care that you are feeding it with right fuel, otherwise you have to part ways with several bucks for fault fix-up.

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