Fuel Draining Northamptonshire

Fuel draining services in Northamptonshire

If you are in Northamptonshire, on the road, and realise that you have made a mistake while refuelling your vehicle, you should simply pull over and switch off the ignition. Next, just give us a call on 0800 193 1103 (toll free) or on 0789 482 0715.

We are operational 24×7, 365 days a year. An experienced and completely equipped technician will reach you soon and get you out of the trouble that you are in!

Filled petrol in diesel vehicle?

If you have accidentally pumped in unleaded petrol in your diesel vehicle, we can help you.

Last week, we had a travelling band passing by Northamptonshire when they stopped at a service station. It seems that the driver was in a hurry and he pumped in 20 litres of unleaded petrol in the diesel Volkswagen van. He understood the problem as soon as he switched on the ignition.

They gave us a call on our toll-free number and our technician was with them within the next 30 minutes. We pumped out the petrol from the van and cleaned up the fuel system through the next hour. The band was on their way, happy and relieved, though they seemed quite annoyed with their driver!

What if you pump diesel in petrol vehicles?

Even though such cases are not as common as ones where customers have pumped petrol in diesel engines, we have handled a good many such cases successfully.

A customer telephoned us late on a Friday night to report that they had a problem with their car and suspected that they had pumped in the wrong fuel into their vehicle. Strangely, nobody could tell us on phone whether it was a petrol car in which they pumped in diesel, or the other way around.

It was only after we reached the house that we realised that the customer had borrowed their neighbour’s petrol car and had unknowingly pumped in diesel. That was all we needed to know. We worked on the car for a couple of hours as the contaminated fuel had spread all through the fuel system. It was a tough job, but cleared up everything and repaired the car completely.

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If you are in trouble and require our fuel draining services in and around Northamptonshire, call us now. We will come to you and drain the wrong fuel out of your vehicle in no time!

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