Why wrong fuel mistakes happen

The numbers of wrong fuel in car cases are gradually increasing and the reason behind them are plenty. People nowadays are getting busy and are always in a hurry and are forgetting to take care of important things. For example while loading fuel into their car, few people starts to think about random thoughts and some of them even start to chat in their phones. They never check whether the right fuel is filled in their tank or not and as a result atleast once in their lives they put the wrong fuel into their which eventually results in damaging their car.

However the motorist shouldn’t always be blamed. There are also some other reasons that could cause misfuelling. Some fuel stations are also responsible they fail to care about the maintenance of the fuel station that needs to be done every year. If you visit such stations you’ll notice that the labels have come out or are too faded to understand. However it is the responsibility of the motorist to ask the staff of the station about which fuel is the right fuel for their car, but they don’t do it. They fuel station must be responsible enough to guide the motorist and also to do regular maintenance work.

The nozzle of a diesel car is generally big in size, so the as a mistake the petrol tank can easily go into it. Such incidences can never be good for a motorist and they don’t recognize the about choosing the right pump. That is why unleaded petrol in diesel car is the most common problem than the opposite one. To be true diesel in petrol car is a huge problem and it can also cause major problem to the engine. As a result fixing such mistakes can cost you a fortune.

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