Wrong Fuel Recovery – Importance of Complete Recovery & Inspection

The only way to correct wrong fuel mistake is to recover contaminated fuel from the car tank. However, it is not as easy as you think. It is a two-phase procedure to eliminate wrong fuel. To start with, the experts use a long pipe with both sides opened. One end is inserted into the car tank while the other end is forced into a big drum. This drum is carried away in a van by the engineers working on behalf of a wrong fuel recovery agency.

After both ends are inserted into where they should be, the first phase of fuel recovery process is initiated. The process continues until the left-out remains in the car tank. The left-out is what cannot be sucked any longer and that is why, the secondary phase of wrong fuel drain is deemed important. The car tank is refuelled, this time with the correct fuel, to start the last phase of fuel recovery. Now the entire tank is emptied so that it becomes completely clear of fuel mixture. However, that does not end the work of fuel removal engineers.

Inspection of the entire car is extremely important. The engineers start checking the car, with special focus on the car tank and the components along the line of fuel supply channel. During checking, test drive is also performed to be sure of if the car is in mint condition or requires further attention. If everything is satisfactory, the engineers bid you goodbye after you clear their payment. If they find problem, they rectify the issue.

Sometimes, repairing corrects things but not always and not all are lucky as they have to pay heavy price for replacement of some parts and even engine. However, only a few wrong fuel recovery cases require replacement and even repairing. Most of these cases just need only complete fuel removal for troubleshooting.

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